The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.

In nature, different materials biodegrade at different rates. If you throw leaf plate into the bushes along with a plastic plate, Leaf plate will have disappeared within a months and the plastic plate will be rusty but still recognisable. It may take many years before the plastic plate disappears entirely. Climate change is real and likely problematic development. It's about life on Earth. Including people. Most of us are not aware of this devil. Yes the Earth is getting warmer. We are stupendously excited about the Product: Tableware made out of Leaf. Atrileaf is a brand with green sensibilities to trade products and inspire our ever-growing ethically-minded audience. Of course, without Nature , there would be no product! That's why we've decided to shine a light on the Forest in south East India. Have you ever thought of eating on leaf or Leaf made plate: Eating on a leaf plate enables you to feel the texture and smell the Aroma of leaf and doing something amazing to environment at the same time.Perhaps the biggest innovation about Leaf Product is that you will be connected to nature. saving earth—and doing it right now—is essential. There's no more time to waste.

"The power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer"


A healthy outside starts from inside thought.

Can we change the way we consume?

It was precisely this thought that struck me when I got the chance to visit a tribal forest village deep inside a national park in South East India. Out there during lunch, we sat on the ground and ate food served in plates and cups that were created with leaves by the tribal villagers. The feel of simple, warm, earthy existence struck a chord deep within. Post a sumptuous meal we disposed our plates and cups under a tree in a small open ditch. At some point when I noticed an entire pile of used leaf plates and cups of varied sizes collected in that ditch somehow did not appear like garbage, it got me thinking about just how we choose to consume especially in urbanized cities. The same cities we chose to make our homes, earn a living, settle down and make a life. I returned with a strong resolve to do something that could effect even a small yet meaningful change. I wondered aloud, thought a lot and finally found my calling when I, once again witnessed a pile of plastic disposables at a friend's house party. The sight of that pile gave me the answer I was looking for. And that's how the dream of starting Atri-Leaf began with this strong belief that slowly but surely we need to change our habits and lifestyle to suit the bigger needs of our ecology.

"The Product is a message itself"





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